Robina Goodlad Memorial Trust

In memory of Robina Goodlad, Professor of Housing and Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow and Co-Director of the Scottish Centre for Research on Social Justice, her family and friends have established a charitable trust.

Its purposes are to support:

  • the achievement of social justice,
  • the relief of poverty
  • and the development of communities within deprived areas in Scotland.

The Trust makes a small number of grants to support activities that serve these purposes.

They will consider assisting voluntary, preferably community-based organisations that are seeking to try a new activity or approach. Grants will not be made to individuals.

At present, they will consider giving a maximum of £5,000 in assistance. They would be particularly interested in hearing from groups working in Glasgow or Shetland. However decisions will be entirely at the discretion of the Trustees.

We would appreciate a brief discussion or note about your ideas when you make your initial enquiry. Application will then require completion of a simple form.

Please make any donations payable to “The Robina Goodlad Memorial Trust” (using this Gift Aid declaration if you can)

List of past grants

Annual Reports:  2014/15    2015/16 2016/17  2017/18   2018/19 2019/20

Enquiries should be made to Peter Taylor at:

56, Turnberry Road, Glasgow G11 5AP

0141 586 7588

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